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Meet the Team

Senior Management

Image of Xiaolin Liu
Xiaolin Liu
Co-Founder & CEO
  • Previously SVP at Innovent Biologics, China
    • Built an R&D team of >100 researchers
    • Constructed a pipeline of >20 novel mAbs
    • Project leader for the discovery and development of sintilimab
  • Major contribution to the establishment of Adimab's platform, involved in >24 campaigns
  • Process development and scale-up/set-up of 12,000 liter lines at BMS and Abbott (USA)
  • Inventor of >30 patents in biologics
Image of Qiang Lu
Qiang Lu
Co-Founder & Chairman
  • In 2017, founded and currently President of Genfleet Therapeutics Co., Ltd.
  • Previously VP at Wuxi Apptec where he led a team of around 300 staff
  • CSO of research site at Yangtze River Pharmaceuticals and brought two new drugs into clinical trials
  • CSO at Gloria Pharmaceuticals where he took their anti-PD1 product into clinical trials
  • SVP at CStone Pharma where he took their anti-PD-L1 antibody into clinical trials
  • Has extensive experience in business strategy, project management, team establishment and global drug development. Previously held leadership roles at Wyeth and Novartis in the USA up to Phase II stage
Image of Qiang Lu
Guoqiang Hu
Chief Medical Officer
  • EVP & CMO at Beta Pharma (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China
  • SVP at Innovent Biologics, China; leading clinical development of novel therapeutics
  • Director of Global Clinical Project Management at Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Strategic Project Management Lead at Pfizer China R&D Center
  • Acquired Medical Master's degree at Shanghai Second Medical University (now Shanghai Jiaotong University)
Image of Joanne Sun
Joanne Sun
Co-Founder & SVP of Discovery Technologies
  • Previously Innovent Biologics, VP of Quality, Product Development and Translational medicine
    • Established and led the quality, analytics and translational medicine teams
  • Led analytical teams at Abbott and BMS, developed analytical capability for Adimab's platform
  • Significant contributions include global registration, and product quality development of Humira
  • Ph.D. from Brandeis University with Postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School
  • >20 years of experience in development and quality assessment of international best-selling biologics
Image of Andy Tsun
Andy Tsun
Co-Founder & VP of Discovery Biology
  • Previously Genfleet Therapeutics Co., Ltd., Shanghai, Senior Director
  • Innovent Biologics, Director of Functional Biology and Cell Line Development
    • Established biologics research team in tumor immunology, in vitro/vivo characterization, manufacturing cell line engineering
    • Led/contributed to >15 projects targeting checkpoint and costimulatory targets
  • Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Postdoctoral training and Associate Professor – CD4+ Treg biology
  • Ph.D. from University of Oxford in Molecular Immunology - CD8 T cell biology with Professor Gillian Griffiths
  • B.Sc. & M. Res. from Imperial College London, in Biochemistry
Image of Bin Li
Bin Li
Scientific Founder & Scientific Committee Chairman
  • Shanghai Institute of Immunology, Vice Director & Principal Investigator
  • Research direction in molecular immunology and signaling pathways in T cell metabolism, differentiation and function
  • Previously Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Principal Investigator
  • Postdoctoral training at UPenn with Mark Greene
  • Ph.D. from Peking University
  • Senior member of The Chinese Society of Cell Biology and The Chinese Society of Immunology
  • Author of >50 research articles and editor for various high impact journals
Image of Yingda Xu
Yingda Xu
VP of Analytical & Quality
  • Previously Director of Protein Analytics at Adimab
    • Led analytical support on >200 antibody discovery programs
    • Leading expert on antibody developability with key contribution to publications raising field awareness on this topic
  • Scientist at BMS
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at UT Southwestern
  • Ph.D. from Michigan State University
  • BS in Chemistry from Peking University
  • Author of over 20 SCI Journal Articles
Image of Roland Meisel
Roland Meisel
VP of Business Development & Licensing
  • CEO and Owner of BLAC-BioPharma UG
  • Previously Managing Director of Technical Operations of Saudi Biotechnology Manufacturing Company
  • Founder and one of the first Managing Directors as well as Global Business Development of The Biosimilar Group GmbH
  • Senior Director of Business Development at Celonic AG
  • Head of SPDC at NextPharma, Belgium
  • Manager of Contract Manufacturing at Miltenyi Biotec GmbH
  • Project Manager for medical device development with PlasmaSelect
  • Business analyst with PRTM
  • Ph.D. and Postdoc from Rostock University in Organic Chemistry, with projects at Purdue University


Image of Xinjiang Gong
Xinjiang Gong
Director of Regulatory Affairs & Preclinical
  • Previously reviewer for CDE
  • Preclinical Director for Qilu
  • Preclinical department vice department head responsible for multiple IND filing and preclinical/clinical assay development projects
  • Wuhan University, MSc. Microbiology and Pharmacology
  • Ocean University of China, BSc. In Biotechnology
Image of Xiaoniu Miao
Xiaoniu Miao
Director of Antibody Generation & Engineering
  • Previously Genfleet Therapeutics Co., Ltd., Shanghai, Senior Manager
  • Innovent Biologics, Senior Manager of Bispecific Antibody Engineering
    • Established bispecific antibody molecular biology and functional assessment platforms
    • Led PD-L1, LAG-3, and multiple bispecific programs to CMC stage
    • Contributed in projects immuno-oncology and cardiovascular disease for preparation of IND filing documentation
  • Ph.D. from China Pharmaceutical University and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Phage display expertise
  • Cardiovascular disease research
Image of Zhiyuan Li
Zhiyuan Li
Director of Functional Biology & Cell Therapies
  • Previously BETA Pharma, Suzhou, Director
  • Innovent Biologics, Associate Director of Functional Biology
    • Established CAR-T scFV screening capabilities and delivered molecules currently under clinical development
    • Managed team for lead selection of therapeutics antibodies in IO programs
  • CBMG, Shanghai, Senior manager in CAR-T research
  • Immunological research and translational biology
  • Ph.D. from Institut Pastuer of Shanghai in Molecular Immunology with training in UPenn, USA
Image of Suki Lee
Suki Lee
Director & Group Leader at Hong Kong Science & Technology Park (HKSTP)
  • Expertise in Immunology and Disease Pathogenesis
  • Previously Principal Investigator and Group Leader in Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, HKU
  • Currently Honorary Assistant Professor, HKU
  • Postdoctoral training with renowned Professor Malik Peiris
  • Received the Most Promising Young Researcher Award, Food and Health Bureau, The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 2014
  • Visiting Scientist in Chinese Academy of Science, Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology 2013
  • Reviewer for grant committee: Medical Research Council Funding, UK and French National Research Agency (ANR), France
  • Corresponding/key author of over 20 top peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • PI/co-I of over 20 local and overseas research grants

Scientific Advisory Board Members

Image of Michael Feldhaus
Michael Feldhaus
Consultant for Antibody Technologies
  • Previously Senior VP of ATUM; CEO of MIGS; Executive VP at Adimab
  • World-renowned expert in antibody discovery platform with >20 years antibody discovery experience
  • Led the establishment of cutting-edge yeast-based antibody discovery platform
Image of Florent Ginhoux
Florent Ginhoux
Senior Principal Investigator, SIgN, A-star, Singapore & Guest Professor at Shanghai Institute of Immunology
  • Previously Assistant Professor at Mount Sinai School of medicine
  • World expert in the origin, development, differentiation of myeloid cells
  • Pioneer in characterization of tissue-specific macrophages
Image of Wanjin Hong
Wanjin Hong
Executive Director & Professor, IMCB, A-star, Singapore
  • Honorary Professor of Xiamen University, University of Queensland
  • National Science Award of Singapore (Presidential Science Award)
  • Expertise in cell biology and oncology

Scientific Collaborators

Image of Fernando Guimaraes
Fernando S. F. Guimarães
Group Leader & Senior Research Fellow
  • University of Queensland - Diamantina Institute / Australia
  • Previously Senior Research Fellow at WEHI
  • World-renowned expert in Natural Killer cell regulation, inflammation and anti-cancer responses
  • 2019 Cure Cancer Australia - Researcher of the Year